For such a small organ, our kidneys are incredibly important to the function of our body. From the removal of waste and fluids, blood pressure control, production of red blood cells and more, these twin organs pack quite a punch for something that is generally only 9-13cm long and 3-5 cm wide. Amongst many things, a couple of things that the kidney loves are flow and consistency, the flow of fluids in the body and consistency in blood pressure. By examining the role of the kidney in the body and the impact that stress and anxiety can have on its function we can learn what wisdom the kidneys have when it comes to understanding anxiousness in the body. We could all benefit from a little more flow and consistency in our lives, could we not?



Topic: Anxiousness and The Body – Part II | Session 3 ~ Kidney
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Start: Thursday, June 22, 2023 06:30 PM
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