Embracing The Classroom of Life

We live in a world where day after day, minute after minute powerful lessons are being offered, lessons we can easily tap into, lessons that are being taught in a classroom that we cannot escape! The Classroom of Life.

In this series you will discover that you are the architect and master of this life.  That embracing the lessons life is offering, can be powerful and dynamic.  That there is a willingness, be it large or small, within each and everyone of us to return to our true joy, to our true settlement, to a true way and that life itself can offer us the pathway to leaving anxiety, depression, withdrawal and procrastination behind.

We welcome all people interested in embracing, developing and mastering skills that confirm we are all equally – a forever student of life, a forever teacher of life.

Course Delivery

Throughout 2021 and early 2022, this series will offer a collection of topics.  Each topic will first be presented via a live webinar presentation, a recording of this presentation will be available soon after. Two weeks following each presentation the topic will be open for discussion via a live Zoom meeting hosted by the presenters. Those steps again:

  1. Presentation – register to attend live or view recording following the event.*
  2. Discussion group with presenters – attend live only, no recording will be available.

*PLEASE NOTE: You will be notified by email once the presentation recording is live. Recordings are available for access and review indefinitely.

Live Session Dates

Select the monthly topic below to expand and view session details and dates.

APR ~ Establishing Foundations to Embrace the Classroom of Life

Every moment of every day we are presented with lessons to learn and self-master which are beyond the traditional curriculum-based classroom. Establish foundations that prepare you to be the willing student and teacher of life.

Live Presentation: Thursday 1st April 2021 6-7:30 pm (AEDT, NSW)
Live Discussion: Thursday 15th April 2021 6-7 pm (AEDT, NSW)

MAY ~ Life Lessons – Family, Relationships, Work

Broaden and open the scope for where to start exploring family, work and relationships. This is the classroom within the classroom of life.

Live Presentation: Thursday 6th May 2021 6-7:30 pm (AEDT, NSW)
Live Discussion: Thursday 20th May 2021 6-7 pm (AEDT, NSW)

JUN ~ Reactions vs Responding to Life Lessons

What is a reaction and what is a response to life? What do the two different behaviours offer us in the classroom of life?

Live Presentation: Thursday 3rd June 2021 6-7:30 pm (AEDT, NSW)
Live Discussion: Thursday 17th June 2021 6-7 pm (AEDT, NSW)

JUL ~ How Hurts Affect and/or Impact Our Lives

Life can present us with unexpected challenges but are we dealing with them by repeating certain patterns? How can we embrace new challenges free of past hurts?

Live Presentation: Thursday 1st July 2021 6-7:30 pm (AEDT, NSW)
Live Discussion: Thursday 15th July 2021 6-7 pm (AEDT, NSW)

AUG ~ Perfectionism, Rejection and Our Quality of Life

Rejection—many try to avoid it; Perfectionism—we all have it in varying degrees. How are perfectionism and rejection related and how do they impact our quality of life?

Live Presentation: Thursday 5th August 2021 6-7:30 pm (AEDT, NSW)
Live Discussion: Thursday 19th August 2021 6-7 pm (AEDT, NSW)

SEP ~ Emotions – How They Impact On Our Body and Everyday Life

Emotions are a trigger for us to react rather than respond to life and the lessons on offer. Explore how emotions impact our body, our health and wellbeing, our relationships and every area of our lives negatively.

Live Presentation: Thursday 2nd September 2021 6-7:30 pm (AEDT, NSW)
Live Discussion: Thursday 16th September 2021 6-7 pm (AEDT, NSW)

OCT ~ Loss … It’s a Guarantee … Do We Let it Control Our Life?

Loss is guaranteed within each person’s unique experience. Explore loss in all of its facets and the opportunity to embrace life and the lessons on offer by responding rather than reacting.

Live Presentation:
Thursday 7th October 2021 7:00-8:30 pm (AEDT, NSW) | 6:00-7:30 pm (AEST, QLD)
Live Discussion:
Thursday 21st October 2021 7:00-8:00 pm (AEDT, NSW) | 6:00-7:00 pm (AEST, QLD)

NOV ~ True Support vs Sympathy, Empathy and Carrying Others

What is the difference between sympathy, empathy and carrying others? When life throws a curve ball, it is understanding that offers a true support for people and their development. Understanding is true mastery in the classroom of life.

Live Presentation:
Thursday 4th November 2021 7:00-8:30 pm (AEDT, NSW) | 6:00-7:30 pm (AEST, QLD)
Live Discussion:
Thursday 18th November 2021 7:00-8:00 pm (AEDT, NSW) | 6:00-7:00 pm (AEST, QLD)

DEC ~ Understanding and Judgement Cannot Exist Together

Judging and being judged is never fun, but the reality is, we are ALL going to get judged at some time. Can we learn how to respond to judgement instead of adjusting our life and trying to avoid it? We certainly can! Let’s begin to explore how.

Live Presentation:
Thursday 2nd December 2021 7:00-8:30 pm (AEDT, NSW) | 6:00-7:30 pm (AEST, QLD)
Live Discussion:
Thursday 16th December 2021 7:00-8:00 pm (AEDT, NSW) | 6:00-7:00 pm (AEST, QLD)

JAN ~ Expression and Communication … The Impacts on Family, Relationships and Work

Have you ever held back from saying what you truly feel? Sometimes we filter ourselves, hold back what we would like to say or simply shut up shop and go silent. What if there was a way to express ourselves in full without any reservation? How would life be?

Live Presentation:
Thursday 6th January 2022 7:00-8:30 pm (AEDT, NSW) | 6:00-7:30 pm (AEST, QLD)
Live Discussion:
Thursday 20th January 2022 7:00-8:00 pm (AEDT, NSW) | 6:00-7:00 pm (AEST, QLD)

Facilitated by:

Tanya Curtis
Tanya Curtis
Assoc Dip Ed. (Child Care), BHlthSci. (BehMgt), MBehMgt, MCoun

Having founded Fabic, a national Behaviour Specialist Multidisciplinary center in 2006, Tanya is highly renowned as a Behaviour Specialist, Counsellor and Author supporting individuals, couples, families, businesses and organisations to bring lasting behaviour change to the lives of themselves and others. Tanya holds as a foundation that behaviour is what people do and not who people are; and thus the reason for behaviour must be understood and not judged on its form if lasting behaviour change is to occur.

Susan Scully
Susan Scully
B.Com, FTI, FNTAA, Registered Tax Agent, JP (Qualified) Qld

With 30 years in the Business, Accountancy & Finance Industries, Susan Scully has worked within both National and International Companies, held a number of Company Directorship and Management positions, while managing and operating her own and others businesses since 1999. Today she is proprietor of her own Accountancy and Business Consultancy Practice in Brisbane and supports people in developing their businesses, which range across many industries locally, nationally and internationally. She also offers services to support with personal tax and finances. Susan’s philosophy is to make life, business and systems about people first and foremost.

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