Commitment To Loving Relationships

Course Code: C0057-1.16

We are all in relationships all the time; with partners, friends, family, work colleagues, all those we meet, and in fact everything that forms part of life. Even though we are constantly in relationship, it is often a struggle for people to remain open and allow themselves to be vulnerable and true with one another.

Often we don’t feel met and understood, resulting in becoming stuck on hurts, sadness, disappointments, and frustrations; these are the layers that form a wedge in our relationships. This results in people digging deeper for security, being protective, not being able to be open with each other, and not being open to what’s next in their relationships, nor even consider the possibility that there can be evolution in relationships. Even though there exists this discord and disharmony, inherently we all do really want to know what makes relationships work, and we all do want to be inspired in and by all of our relationships.

This course will offer simple foundational tools in what relationships are about, that will support the development of all relationships, beginning with developing a loving, steady and consistent relationship with ourselves first. Over the 6 sessions, different aspects of relationships will be presented to assist participants in their exploration of not only the importance of the quality of relationships we have, but also how open and willing we actually are to explore this.

Participants will be provided the opportunity to look at how we relate to others, and what we see in the relationships of others that we find inspiring.

Online delivery:

Commitment to Loving Relationships is available as an online course you can enrol at anytime and move through the presentations at your own pace. Originally filmed in Sydney as a live workshop presentation each video is available to enrolled students indefinitely.




This course is for everyone who is interested in developing in relationships.

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