The Learning Way

The College of Universal Medicine runs educational courses online.

We offer interactive courses in accordance with our Objects by bringing forth education that supports people to learn fundamental life-skills to be vital and healthy in daily living. This model of education is dedicated to serving the true health, healing and well-being of individuals and communities on the basis that at every level of society, true care and community collaboration for an innovative future begins with the foundational attention to an individual’s lifestyle and their ability to be equipped to live life to their fullest and not merely function within it.

All of The College of Universal Medicine courses are open to the public and are for the benefit of all people.

The College of Universal Medicine offers courses based on the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom. The courses and presentations offer students an opportunity to understand life from a different view, to contemplate the possibility that ill-health, lack of vitality, disease, illness and other life-struggles can be attributed to our choices and that by making fundamental changes we can once again return to true vitality and well-being.

The College supports and greatly respects the invaluable role of conventional medicine and our courses are offered in support alongside all that conventional medicine is and brings. These presentations are not medical advice nor are they substitutes for clinical diagnosis, treatment and care by a qualified health-care professional. You should always seek medical support and advice where needed.

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