The Ancient Sutras – A Living Study for Modern Life

Course Code: C0100

This course of ten living sutras (with sutra simply meaning living study), richly packed with relevant, practical content, will target and expose what lies behind the stress, anxiousness, exhaustion, illness and disease rates that are soaring, and general malaise and given-up-ness about life that is prevalent in people everywhere.

This course offers the public – of all backgrounds – an opportunity to reflect deeply on how life is for you. Much will be offered in terms of wisdom and tools to take back out into every day life, to not merely combat or eradicate symptoms/ways of being through life which we do not like, but find a lasting way that supports you in not creating the symptoms in the first place. The presentations are a unique and highly rewarding combination of a metaphysical study/presentation and a live discussion of how that looks and plays out in every day life.

Who is this course for:

This course is for anyone and everyone interested in finding a better way. You may have experimented with the myriad of solutions out there and found that none of them truly create any lasting change. This course is for people of all backgrounds, cultures, and situations – who are simply interested in exploring the way back to true community and wellbeing – for themselves, for their families/loved ones and in all aspects of every day life. All content is for the viewing, listening and use of person/s 18 years of age and over only and is not to be viewed by or shared with any person/s under 18.

Open to everyone

Duration: Ten Audio classes at approximately 1.5 hrs each
Delivery Mode: Online
Cost: AUD $100

This Course is presented and facilitated by:

Serge Benhayon with Natalie Benhayon and the Students of the Livingness

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