You and Money – Part 1 – Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Personal Finances

Course Code: C0039OL

This course will explore how we are with money in order to expose, broaden, expand and develop our relationship with money.

This Video Presentation is part one of a two part series.

This online presentation and workshop explores and brings an understanding to how we are with money, how this impacts us, our lives and others. It will introduce tools that can help to support the development of a truly healthy relationship with money.

This course is suitable for everyone – whether you are still in school, starting your first job or have been entrenched with your finances for decades. It will be equally beneficial for those who are employed, unemployed, or in business.

Exploring how we are with money allows us to expose, broaden, expand and develop our relationship with money. This will ultimately support us with understandings that then flow into all other areas of our lives: health and wellbeing, relationships with partners, family, friends, colleagues and our communities. Learning how you are with your personal finances will support you to build a solid and clear foundation. Explore what works, what doesn’t and why.

So how and where to start?

  • Were you ever taught how to handle, use or manage money?
  • How and what have you learned to-date? Is it working?
  • Do you feel like you are constantly trying to come up for air or in survival mode with money?
  • Do you want to run the other way at the mere mention of money, finances, budgeting, cash-flows, bookwork?
  • What is the angst, overwhelm ?
  • Do you feel burdened as the provider e.g. as the household’s sole means of income?

Course delivery

The Course consists of 2 pre-recorded video presentations with a total run-time of 3.5 hours.Please note: You are able to watch the video at your own pace but we recommend if possible to watch it in one sitting with a mid-way break to get a similar experience to those who attended the workshop. There is no expiry date on enrolment at present. We will advise if this changes.

Open to everyone

Duration: 2 Video Presentations at approx. 3.5 hours
Delivery Modes: Online
Cost: AUD $40

This course is presented and facilitated by:

Collectively Susan and Deborah bring with them over 57 years of experience in the Finance and Business Sectors being employed within both National and International companies as well as running their own businesses. In addition supporting and developing many other businesses across a diverse range of industries located locally, nationally and internationally also.

With this extensive portfolio of experience they offer a depth of understanding of what is needed in order to support people to build and further develop strong relationships with their financial foundations whether that be personally or in business.

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