You and Money – Part 2 – Building a Healthy Relationship with your Personal Finances

Course Code: C0039-S2-OL

Course 2 in this series presents the next stage of development in learning not just how you are with your personal finances but how to further build a solid and clear foundation that can truly begin to support you and the many aspects in your life that it impacts such as your health, relationships, communities etc.

This course will study further what gets in the way of developing a personal financial program and how this can can impact on our relationship with money. It will also explore how money is viewed, dealt with and understood in the community. Course 2 will begin to unpack many of the perceived issues that people say stops them from commencing or committing to a financial program, such as anxiety or a lack of confidence.

This course will also teach students about using and working with a financial program tool – presenting some of the options, systems or programs available for you to create a financial program and then breaking these down to understand how to keep it simple.

The course will explore:

  • Were you ever taught how to handle, use or manage money?
  • What have you learned and actively engaged since Part 1 of the Course?
  • What did you discover worked and did not? Why?
  • Was there anything that got in the way? If so, what?
  • What are you appreciating and enjoying with a different understanding, engagement and relationship with your finances?

Course delivery

The Course consists of 3 pre-recorded video presentations with a run-time of 2.2 hours in total.


Please note Course 1 must have been attended and completed either in person or online prior to attending Course 2.

Open to everyone.

Duration: 3 Video Presentations at approx. 2.2 hours in total
Delivery Modes: Online
Cost: AUD $40

This Course is presented and facilitated by:

Collectively Susan and Deborah bring with them over 57 years of experience in the Finance and Business Sectors being employed within both National and International companies as well as running their own businesses. In addition supporting and developing many other businesses across a diverse range of industries located locally, nationally and internationally also.

With this extensive portfolio of experience they offer a depth of understanding of what is needed in order to support people to build and further develop strong relationships with their financial foundations whether that be personally or in business.

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