Stress and Productivity in the Workplace

Course Code: C0044-OL

This five week course offers a different way of looking at work, of how to deal with the reality of it’s challenges, and yet still maintain our vitality and enthusiasm for work and our life. Open to men of all ages from school leavers on.

Work represents a significant aspect of most men’s lives. A productive, enjoyable, healthy working environment is critical in many ways to men’s health. However, the practical reality is that the workplace is not like this for many men. Bullying, understaffing, unrealistic deadlines and group dynamics often create a situation where men become stressed and ultimately resentful about the fact that they have to work, seeing work as nothing more than a necessity, a burden, and a means to an end so that they can have a life – rather than seeing work as part of life. Does it need to be this way?

This course will:

  • Look at the reality of what work means for men – from what causes stress, to what affects our productivity.
  • Assist men to explore more deeply their relationship with work in a way that is supportive of themselves, and in a way that still enables them to be fully productive at work without compromising themselves in the process.
  • Offer very practical tools to assist men how to bring more joy and natural commitment into their chosen occupation, without necessarily needing to change their working environment.
  • Offer an array of practical tools, insights, and tips from experienced and qualified professionals to support participants to learn to deal with the inevitable stress that comes with most work environments in a way that does not deplete them mentally and/or physically.
  • Seek to challenge many of the traditional ideals we hold around what work means to a man, and to challenge us to look at work in a way that is more beneficial to our overall health.

Course Delivery

The Course consists of 5 pre-recorded video presentations with a run-time of 1.5 hours each. It is important to pace the content. We recommend watching 1-2 videos per week. The course is very rich and this will give you time to integrate each presentation.

Open to everyone.

Duration: 5 Video Presentations at approx. 1.5 hours each
Delivery Modes: Online
Cost: AUD $60

This Course is presented and facilitated by:

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