Being a Woman in the World Today – Lesson 1

Introduction to the Significance of Cycles in a Woman’s Life

In this lesson we introduce the significance of cycles in a woman’s life.

Topics include:

  • Understanding of cycles, both menstrual and menopausal.
  • What is the relationship between a woman’s choices and her body.
  • Exploring the significance of our own cycle.
  • Cycles of motion and repose in relation to the moon.


  • Depending on what cycle you are in, download the following menopause or menstruation program chart that will take you through the 6 weeks of the program. Here you can record feelings, symptoms and moods on a daily basis and begin to get a feel for any patterns that may emerge throughout your cycle.
  • Complete the questionnaire on the attitudes towards menstruation and menopause in Lesson 1 and again in Lesson 6 to assess any changes.




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