Lesson 3 – Zarathushtra

It gives me great joy to tell you that in the next session of the course, we will be studying the life and teachings of Zarathushtra, a master who I have come to know better and feel great devotion to, and I believe many of you will as well as you learn more about him.

The-Gathas-The Gathas The Hymns of Zarathushtra

The enclosed text contains seven of his songs, the form in which his teachings have come down to us.  When reading and pondering on them, consider the following three questions:

1. What is Zarathushtra’s view of evil and consequently the present condition of humanity?

2.  What does Zarathushtra say are the guiding principles by which humanity should live truly?

3.  Zarathushtra offers some potent teachings on true relationships.  What are they?



Lesson Three: Part One

Lesson Three: Part Two


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