Being a Woman in the World Today – Lesson 3


This lesson involves an open discussion on disregard, what it means to be disregarding towards one self, the ways in which we disregard and how what once was disregarding continually shifts as we take our self-care to deeper levels. We will explore the ongoing impact of disregard and patterns of over-riding on our body and our cycles be that menstruation or menopause and bring more understanding to what it means to self-care and self-nurture. This lesson explores how this then affects our experience of our cycle.

Topics include:

  • How do we feel about ourselves?
  • What is our relationship with self-worth?
  • How does my level of self-worth affect my choices?


  • Daily reflection and recording in your Cycle Observation Program.
  • Write a short paragraph that considers what disregard looks like for you.
  • Write a short paragraph on how self-care and self-nurturing might look on any given day.​



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