Lesson 1 – The Way of Hermes, Part 1

The Way of Hermes – Part 1

Please read and ponder on this text before the first Lesson.
Corpus Hermeticum Book 12

The text we are using for the first session is an extract from Salaman, C., van Ovin, D., Wharton, W., and Mahé, J-P. 2004. The Way of Hermes, 58-64. Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions.

I offer the following three study questions as a guide to your exploration of the text:

  1. Nous is Hermes’ term for Divine Will and Intelligence. How does Hermes describe the relationship between nous and evolution?
  2. What are Hermes’ teachings on death, birth and reincarnation?
  3. Hermes seems to use ‘incorporeal elements’ and ‘corporeal elements’ to refer to nadis and particles respectively. What is their relationship to nous and in turn to stillness and motion?

Please don’t restrict yourselves to just these three questions, but explore as deeply as you can. There is much much more here than just what these three questions highlight. Each of us will find/take away different things from this text, as we have all lived it in one way or another before. We are all equal, yet unique, and there will be different insights that each of us bring, and this is the the true joy in learning together.

It would also be supportive if participants make the most of the forum to discuss these questions and the lesson further.


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