Lesson 8 – Yeshua – Part 4

This session will be the fourth and last on Yeshua and will concentrate on the esoteric gnostic teachings that developed out of Yeshua’s teachings, particularly that of the Valentinian school of Gnosticism.

In the readings below I have provided two gospels of that school, the Gospel of Philip and the Gospel of Truth, both from the Nag Hammadi corpus. Only the Gospel of Truth is required reading for this session of the course, but I have provided the other in case any of you wish to explore Christian Gnosticism further.

Download the relevant readings HERE.

When reading the Gospel of Truth ponder the following three questions,

  1. What is the cosmology assumed in this gospel (pleroma means ‘fullness’)?
  2. What is Yeshua’s role as the Savior here and how is it different from the view of the organized Christian Church?
  3. What is the source of evil and what is redemption from it in this gospel?

Lesson 8 – Part 1

Lesson 8 – Part 2


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