The Living Cycles of the Stars

Observe how the stars in the night sky move and change through time and space, explore and connect to these seemingly external rhythms, recognise and work with these cycles in your everyday.

Learning about cycles puts our ‘everyday’ into perspective. Be it the Earth’s twenty-four hour rotation on it’s axis, the movement of the four seasons or the three hundred and sixty five day revolution around the Sun, through an observation and understanding of these movements, we are able to gain a sense of how our lives are intrinsically connected to the living cycles of the stars. This course explores these simple cycles, as well as those of the moon, to bring a deeper sense of connection in our day to day lives.

Develop an understanding of how the sky works, how to identify the visible planets, many stars and constellations, and learn how to track their movement. Learn preliminary skills to navigate your way around the night sky, observing the many and varied movements that we on earth are part of. Through this practice in everyday life, we can observe how life is a mirror of the heavens above, as described by ancient philosophers and teachers:

‘as above so too below’ (Hermes Trismegistus).

See how you are an integral part of the living nature of the seemingly static night sky.

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