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Embracing The Classroom of Life

We live in a world where day after day, minute after minute powerful lessons are being offered, lessons we can easily tap into, lessons that are being taught in a classroom that we cannot escape! The Classroom of Life. In this series you will discover that you are the architect and master of this life.  …

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Commitment To Loving Relationships

Commitment To Loving Relationships

Course Code: C0057-1.16 We are all in relationships all the time; with partners, friends, family, work colleagues, all those we meet, and in fact everything that forms part of life. Even though we are constantly in relationship, it is often a struggle for people to remain open and allow themselves to be vulnerable and true …

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Ancient Sutras – A Living Study for Modern Life

The Ancient Sutras – A Living Study for Modern Life

This course of ten living sutras (with sutra simply meaning living study), richly packed with relevant, practical content, will target and expose what lies behind the stress, anxiousness, exhaustion, illness and disease rates that are soaring, and general malaise and given-up-ness about life that are prevalent amongst men, women and even children, everywhere.

Men & Life Addictions

Understanding Men and Life Addictions

This 5 part video course is aimed at exploring men’s relationships with the delicate subject of addiction. This course is open to all men, whether they are suffering acute problems with addiction, or whether they are simply curious as to what role addiction may actually have in their life, or that of other men.

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Understanding Men with Depression and Exhaustion

Depression and exhaustion are rapidly becoming common concerns in the lives of many of our men. The effects of depression and exhaustion are vast and far-reaching leaving men feeling run down, moody, agitated, disengaged, tired and overwhelmed. This program is for men who are experiencing depression and/or exhaustion, or who may have a friend or family member who is in this situation.

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Understanding Anxiety in Men

The video version of this course is being made available to everyone, both men and women. It is open to those who want to gain a greater understanding of this issue for themselves, to support family and friends, or as part of their workplace professional development.

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