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Budgets, Money & You

Budgets, Money & You

According to the “Know Your Numbers Index” in 2018, 86% of the Australian population don’t know how much money they are spending every month and 82% don’t know what their mortgage rate is. The most common reason given for this is that people feel overwhelmed, stating that it’s too hard to calculate the expenditure. Furthermore, …

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Embracing The Classroom of Life

We live in a world where day after day, minute after minute powerful lessons are being offered, lessons we can easily tap into, lessons that are being taught in a classroom that we cannot escape! The Classroom of Life. In this series you will discover that you are the architect and master of this life.  …

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A Moment on Relationships

Annette and Gabe have been counselling people in all relationships for many years. As a couple they live and work together in true union and harmony 24/7, so who better to inspire us to look at how we are in relationship when we are living at home together 24/7. Annette and Gabe will invite us …

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Tanya Curtis

Control Versus Self-Mastery

Understanding the difference between ‘controlling behaviours’ and ‘self-mastery’ behaviours and how these approaches impact on the quality of our life. This webinar event was live recorded on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. This was a free event and the recording is available for online viewing. Presented by:

Commitment To Loving Relationships

Commitment To Loving Relationships

Course Code: C0057-1.16 We are all in relationships all the time; with partners, friends, family, work colleagues, all those we meet, and in fact everything that forms part of life. Even though we are constantly in relationship, it is often a struggle for people to remain open and allow themselves to be vulnerable and true …

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