Ways to stay healthy in retirement

Retirement is a time when we’re meant to be able to kick back and enjoy life.  After many years of working hard, raising families, developing businesses, building investments or whatever else we have spent our lives doing, retirement is sold as the ultimate prize and for some, the only reason why they worked so hard in the first place.  So, what if the dream doesn’t turn out to be a reality?

Depression is a common experience amongst the elderly, but it doesn’t need to be a normal part of ageing.  As the body starts to deteriorate and independence changes, we can struggle to accept our reality, often reflecting on our lives and either celebrating great moments or regretting past decisions, but this doesn’t need to be difficult and depressing.  So, how can we keep ourselves healthy in retirement?  What retirement tips or advice can be found within The Ageless Wisdom?

One of the fundamental teachings of the Ageless Wisdom is that life is constantly offering us expansion.  Whether we like to admit it or not, we exist on a planet that orbits around the sun, that is part of a grand galaxy, which exists within a deep and wide universe. According to scientists, the universe is always expanding, so much so that it is currently expanding much faster than predicted.  Stagnation in the human body is one of the greatest contributing factors to depression, not to mention a whole range of other health conditions, showing us that stagnation actually goes against the greater order of things, as set by the universe which we live in.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” is a quote which was offered by Hermes Trismegistus almost 2000 years ago, showing us that what is above can be lived below, that the depth of beauty that is found within our inner hearts, can be brought out into the world and that the never ending space in the universe that surrounds us is the same as the never ending love, wisdom and intelligence that is from our soul.  If life is lived by these principles, then it matters not if you are a young whipper snapper or dying on your death bed, we are part of something beautiful that is forever there.

So just as the universe is always expanding, so too is that opportunity offered to us to go deeper within ourselves, discarding what does not belong and bringing out more of the beauty that forever wells inside of us – expanding the love and joy from within. 

Retirement therefore is not a time to lament and regret, but to discard what doesn’t belong and embrace what’s next. 

One of the greatest things we can do in retirement for our health and wellbeing is not to stagnate, and although this may look different in an older body to a younger one, the principle is the same and it certainly doesn’t need to be any less joyful, alive or awake.

Ageing with Joy and Purpose’ is an online course hosted by a series of incredible retirees who show that retirement need not just be about ageing bodies, depression and/or just pina coladas by the beach, but that it can be enriching, joyful and just as spectacular (if not better) than being in a younger body. Covering topics such as understanding the ageing process, life after retirement, quality of living and living life with enrichment till our last breath, this is a deeply beautiful course for anyone of any age, but especially for those preparing for or in retirement. Once purchased this course remains yours forever, with the videos available for permanent on-demand streaming when ever you feel you need or would like to watch them. 

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