The Objects of the College of Universal Medicine Charity

The College of Universal Medicine is a charitable educational institution that was established in 2011, and is dedicated to promoting true health and well-being based on the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom through advancing education in the aforesaid, by founding a metaphysical school and conducting workshops, lectures and courses and an extensive publishing program. The Ancient Wisdom has always been available to humanity and is presented to these times by Serge Benhayon who stands in an ancient lineage of living wisdom that serves the progress of unity and equality in mankind, and offers humanity a new and true way of living. The College of Universal Medicine is dedicated to serving its charitable objects.


The objects for which the Company is established are to:

(a) Teach, educate ongoingly and present, for all men and women to have:

(i) the understandings of the immutable Energetic Laws and Sciences that govern all Universal life and the way of the livingness that this entails;

(ii) the principles of Esoteric Philosophy and Medicine as impressed forth by the Ageless Wisdom along with the philosophical way of life that provides such true health, harmony and a one-unified care, benefit and duty to all; and

(iii) practical training in philosophy, healing modalities and techniques based on the principles of Esoteric Philosophy and Medicine; and

(b) promote and advance education in the aforesaid by:

(i) establishing and conducting schools and other places of education;

(ii) organising and conducting workshops, lectures, and courses; and

(iii) publishing books, audios, and other materials of any kind,

so that the Company may serve the progress and education of unity in mankind, the establishment of a living way that seeks to arrest our dilemmas, sicknesses and ills, and to bring healing, vital health and environmental care under loving values that benefit community life everywhere so that each human being is able to equally access true health, their innate harmony and the natural connection to God and humanity as one.