Term 1 2015 sees the launch of 8 new courses to support wellbeing and health in our communities including courses on Financial Health, Women's Health, Men's Health and Exercise and Community Wellbeing.

See the Full List of Current Courses Here.

We are pleased to announce that students will now be able to sign-up with a user-account and access their courses and course content online.

We have committed additional time and resources to support the students to much more effectively and efficiently manage their student accounts. 

Whether you have attended a course before or not you will need to register onto this new improved platform to access the full suite of features.

We will continue to develop this aspect of the site in the coming months. If you require any technical assistance with the new site layout and logins please contact the College of Universal Medicine and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Signing up to become a student is through a simple registration process – once registered you are able to enrol easily into all future courses.

Register on the College of Universal Medicine site to enrol in courses.

We ask that all previous student register a fresh on the site to access new features.

This term will see the launch of online courses delivered via video as well. Subscribe to the newsletter to be sure to be notified when announcements are made regarding online only courses.

We look forward to seeing you in the new term.