Charles WilsonAs the College of Universal Medicine prepares for a new school term Director Charles Wilson has released a statement amidst a continued disinformation campaign by serial blogger Esther Rockett and Lance Martin to discredit the Educational Charity: 

Lying accounts in blog comments by cyber-troll, Esther Rockett have recently called into question the authority of the College to conduct fundraising. In light of those comments, we wish to clarify  the following.

The College has always held, and still holds, the necessary fundraising authority issued by the regulator controlling charitable collections in NSW, the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing for the College lawfully to conduct charitable collections in accordance with its objects.  All the College’s fundraising activities have always been conducted strictly in accordance with the conditions attaching to the authority issued by the charitable collections regulator in NSW. Moreover  all the collections have always been applied by the College in furtherance of the objects in its constitution.

Information about whether the College has held the necessary fundraising authority at any point in time is publicly available for anyone who wished to conduct a free online search. The suggestion that the College does not hold an authority to conduct fundraising is an attempt by trolls to harm the College by discouraging people from making donations to the College, when the truth is that the College does hold an authority, and always has, and can show that it always has. The suggestion that the College does not hold an authority is yet another instance of Esther Rockett’s bilious efforts at creating ‘moral panic’ concerning the College which has seen her post blogs with groundless accounts of wrongdoing when her lie in this instance is readily exposed, confirming our assessment that sadly, without a skerrick of integrity, she will say anything that she thinks will advance her cause.

Past complaints by Lance Martin and Esther Rockett to the commonwealth charities regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and the NSW regulator, OLGR maliciously alleging that the College was not applying its funds in furtherance of its objects led to the regulators conducting comprehensive reviews of all our operations. These reviews were completed, respectively in July and September 2014, with absolutely no finding of any wrongdoing at all by the College.

These findings of no wrongdoing, and indeed exposure of the quality and integrity in which the College is run, reflect what have been and will continue to be the consistent findings of regulators who have been obliged to address the false accusations and lies that have been the content of  all of the serial vexatious complaints made by Esther Rockett and Lance Martin. The College of Universal Medicine will continue to advance its educational and charitable objects and do so with the highest level of integrity and absolute transparency. 

Charles Wilson, BA, LLB (Syd)

Charles Wilson is a Director of the College of Universal Medicine and a barrister-at-law of the Supreme Courts of Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT. Charles is an expert in commercial litigation, negotiation and mediation. Admitted initially as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 1988, and as a barrister in 2001, Charles brings a breadth and depth of experience in significant commercial dispute resolution across all aspects of commercial activity in diverse contexts, including multi-jurisdiction, transnational disputes.

About the College of Universal Medicine

The College of Universal Medicine is an independently run Educational Charity that provides courses, publications and forums that support people in such areas as Women's Health, Men's Health, Self-care, Psychological Wellbeing, Financial Health and more. All courses offered and developed through the College are based on the principles of the Ageless Wisdom - that we each have an innate knowing that can be re-connected to in order to more broadly understand our current times and to bring greater harmony to life and relationships. The philosophy and the objects of the College are inspired by the continued philanthropic work of Serge Benhayon and the teachings of Universal Medicine.