Understanding Anxiety by Tanya Curtis - Behaviour Specialist

We hear the word anxiety and for most a picture pops into our head of what anxiety looks and/or feels like. This picture is different for many.

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Our Body Knows What True Health Is

By Kate Greenaway-Twist | Physiotherapist


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Living Well with Illness- Our Bodies and Connective Tissue

by Kate Greenaway-Twist


In over 30 years of working in physiotherapy with people and their bodies my love and appreciation for the body just grows and grows. I love how it has its own intelligence and knows how to bring itself back to balance from inside out. I continue to learn so much from our bodies and I have learned so much about the amazing qualities of our connective tissue.


What is Connective Tissue?

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New Course to Address Depression and Exhaustion in Men – Launching March 5th

** 5 Week Course | Each Thursday from March 5th until 9th April | 6pm - 7.30pm | Goonellabah Community Centre 27 Oliver Avenue Goonellabah **

RESEARCH shows “burnout”, or emotional and physical exhaustion, is predisposing men to depression and substance abuse, and in the workplace is leading to higher rates of absenteeism and even workplace accidents.

Even more worrying, despite society’s efforts to date to shine a light on the issue, many men are still suffering alone, refusing to acknowledge or seek help for their condition. 

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New Courses at the College in 2015

Term 1 2015 sees the launch of 8 new courses to support wellbeing and health in our communities including courses on Financial Health, Women's Health, Men's Health and Exercise and Community Wellbeing.

See the Full List of Current Courses Here.

We are pleased to announce that students will now be able to sign-up with a user-account and access their courses and course content online.

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College of Universal Medicine Director puts to bed rumours of hate-bloggers

Charles WilsonAs the College of Universal Medicine prepares for a new school term Director Charles Wilson has released a statement amidst a continued disinformation campaign by serial blogger Esther Rockett and Lance Martin to discredit the Educational Charity: 

Lying accounts in blog comments by cyber-troll, Esther Rockett have recently called into question the authority of the College to conduct fundraising. In light of those comments, we wish to clarify  the following.

The College has always held, and still holds, the necessary fundraising authority issued by the regulator controlling charitable collections in NSW, the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing for the College lawfully to conduct charitable collections in accordance with its objects.  All the College’s fundraising activities have always been conducted strictly in accordance with the conditions attaching to the authority issued by the charitable collections regulator in NSW. Moreover  all the collections have always been applied by the College in furtherance of the objects in its constitution.

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