Curriculum at the College of Universal Medicine

The College of Universal Medicine runs educational events in accordance with its objects.

These include, for example:

  • The Ageless Wisdom Teachings, a very popular series of educational events at which presentations are given on the Ageless Wisdom and its application to everyday life (formerly called the EDG)Read more or enrol in the AWT.
  • Wellness Days in corporations Australia wide.
  • Conferences and other presentations on various aspects of health and wellbeing, in accordance with the college's objects.
  • Presentations for the development of teenagers and their educational progress – presenting support in dealing with today’s world and how to be responsible whilst they develop their lives.
  • Workshops on such matters as book and other public writing skills, in line with the Ageless Wisdom.

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All College of Universal Medicine events and courses are open to the public, and for the benefit of all men and women.


The College of Universal Medicine offers courses on health and well-being based on the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. The presentations invite the attendees to contemplate the possibility that illness and disease are attributed to our lifestyle choices, which is something our broader health systems equally recognise. The presentations offer students an opportunity to take stock, and consider our responsibility to once again return to true health and well-being, and as such frequently addresses questions relating to our health and well-being looking at what we can do within our day to day life to make a real difference. 

These presentations are not medical advice and nor are they substitutes for clinical diagnosis, treatment and care by a qualified health-care professional. You should always seek medical support and advice where needed. The College supports and greatly respects the invaluable role of conventional medicine and our courses are offered in support alongside all that conventional medicine is and brings.