The AWT – Ageless Wisdom Teachings

The Ageless Wisdom Teachings were a very popular series of events held in 2015 and 2016 at which presentations were given on the Ageless Wisdom and its application to everyday life.

Presentations were very real and very practical, and related to science, philosophy, medicine, health and more. Presenters came from a bank of experts in science, biology, conventional medicine, education, linguistics, psychology and counselling, corporate work and more. 

Presentations were given on a variety of subjects that relate to day to day living. The AWT looked at the state of human life today – with:

  • escalating disease and illness, 
  • high levels of stress, 
  • plague proportions of exhaustion and anxiousness,
  • high absenteeism in corporate offices (affecting productivity everywhere), 
  • rising obesity, 
  • addictions to substances to kick-start us in the morning, then get us through the day, and then others again to forget it all at night, and 
  • a prolific 'given-up-ness' in our young

… and it is clear that we as mankind are in desperate need for a way forward that brings people back to who they truly are.  Can we say we are truly happy with the above list (and there is much much more to say where that came from)? We all really do know that there should be, and is, something more.

The College of Universal Medicine is dedicated to bringing educational events to men and women that touch on all aspects of life, to offer them a way forward that enables every person to access true health, and the innate and natural joy, vitality and true wellbeing that are the right of every human being. 

Read more about the AWT and the purpose it serves within the College's objects. 


There are no further AWTs scheduled for 2017. A rich offering of new courses will shortly be announced on our brand new website.