Financial Management

The College of Universal Medicine is built on the highest principles of integrity.

● All income and disbursements of the charity are strictly put through the College’s bank accounts, which are independently audited. The College does not keep cash reserves or make cash payments except as shown in its bank statements. All decisions concerning expenditure are made by the College’s Board collectively.

● The College of Universal Medicine is conducting fundraising to acquire an appropriate school building. The College’s fundraising activities are conducted strictly in accordance with all relevant state legislative requirements.

Policy on Donations

Offers from those wishing to make donations are individually considered.

● The College of Universal Medicine has declined to accept offers of donations in light of donors’ personal circumstances. This reflects the College’s commitment to the public interest and its purely charitable purpose. It has the firm policy of requesting that all those interested in donating first seek professional financial advice.

● Further, if the proposed donor is still interested in donating, but their personal circumstances suggest this may not be in their best interests, the College reserves the right to refuse the donation.

● To the College of Universal Medicine, the integrity of the College is always far more important than the receipt of a donation. To the College, a charitable donation cannot be truly charitable unless it serves the person making the donation, the charity itself, and the public all equally.


If you wish to inquire about making a donation to the College of Universal Medicine, please contact our College office via the contact form.