Self-Care in Pregnancy

Self-Care in Pregnancy

One Day Workshop | Saturday 6th December 2014  | READ MOREBOOK NOW

This course is for the benefit of all women and especially those preparing for and during pregnancy.

In preparation for and during pregnancy, women are presented with an opportunity to bring renewed focus to their relationship with themselves and to deepen their living way through initiating a greater level of self-care and self-nurturing. Self-care is a vital ingredient in family life and this begins first with taking steps for ourselves, then this naturally flows on to enhance the quality in our relationships. A common experience for many women in the early days of caring for a newborn, is that this time can be challenging, with a high incidence of overwhelm, exhaustion and post-natal depression common in mothers. This course supports women to re-develop a solid connection with themselves, as a means to prepare for pregnancy, for birth and parenting with practical tools to build this as a sustainable way of being. More details on reverse side.

The self-care in pregnancy one-day workshop provides opportunities for women to participate in discussions and presentations that explore: 

  • Why self-care is so important during pregnancy. 
  • How practical steps in self-care build our self-worth, a necessary ingredient in a woman’s life. 
  • Is self-care all about the baby or is it about nurturing the woman first, what is the difference? 
  • What are the obstacles to self-care? 
  • Introduction to the basic physiological and life changes and how they impact on us during pregnancy. 
  • Why is it important to develop and maintain a connection to yourself, what does this mean on a practical level? What gets in the way? Ways to re-connect when this has been lost in a hectic day. 
Event Date: 
Saturday, December 6, 2014
9.30am to 4pm
Registration Time: 
From 9.00am

Additional Information: 

  • Please bring your own lunch, hydration, and cushion to sit on. 
  • Morning tea provided. 


CONTACT Shannon on 0401 413 473 for more information

Sharon Gavioli and Shannon Everest


Sharon Gavioli

Registered Nurse
Grad Dip Childbirth Education, Adv. Dip Counselling, Mother of 7.

Shannon Everest

Registered Doula
Student Midwife, Complimentary Therapist specialising in Women’s Health, Mother of 2.