Burnt Out, Stressed, Anxious or Looking for more from life? THERE IS ANOTHER WAY

Burn Out Conference

The Burnout conference took place in October 2014 Sydney with great participant feedback. More info from the day will be posted shortly.

Burnout affect us all. Mental health professionals, workers, parents, students, communities and you.

  • Burnout is escalating
  • Exhaustion is an epidemic
  • There is a worldwide plague of anxiety

Our current approach is not working…


Tuesday October 7 | Sydney | $60

Meet the Presenters

This age-old, practical approach, will be presented by Mental Health practitioners and guests from around Australia with the College of Universal Medicine –

Tanya Curtis
Tanya Curtis | Behaviour Specialist and Counsellor
Assoc Dip Ed. (Child Care), BHlthSci. (BehMgt), MBehMgt, MCoun

Tanya Curtis will share that burnout in carers is a growing epidemic and that how we are all caring for others is often at the expense of ourselves – the ultimate case of sympathy. This presentation will cover:

  1. Why do we do for others while compromising ourselves
  2. Breaking the myths of caring for yourself
  3. Developing an understanding for other people
  4. Learning how to truly support another without compromising our own body
  5. What does “loving us” really mean on a practical level?
Lucy Dahill

Lucy Dahill | Youth Worker, Parent
Bachelor Arts, Dip RM, Cert Esoteric Healing

Lucy’s presentation will offer practical examples of how we have come to be so identified by the things we do and by the expectations that come both from ourselves and from others, that we lose the vital sense of who we are before we do anything at all.

Lucy will share how this way of living complicates our sense of mental health and both mental and physical well-being and causes us to act in ways that contribute to our burnout. Lucy works in media as well as a practitioner with a focus on youth.

Jean Gamble

Jean Gamble | Psychotherapist
Grad Dip Systemic Therapy, Dip Som Psych, Adv Dip Somatics, Dip RM, Cert Esoteric Healing

Jean’s experiential presentation will include the importance of energetically re-inhabiting our physical bodies so that we connect with our sensations and feelings. Paying attention gives us a level of awareness that allows us to make choices to support our wellbeing.

We have all learned to seek recognition and approval and for many of us this has meant ignoring or overriding how we feel. When we connect with and express our feelings we can live harmoniously and joyfully. Every feeling needs expression – even to ourselves!

Gabrielle Caplice and Annette Baker

Gabrielle Caplice | Relationship Counsellor and
Annette Baker | Counsellor

Annette and Gabe are a couple who met working together in high-end restaurants in Sydney, between them they have a combined total of 62 years serving the public in this capacity, before both moving naturally into the field of health and wellbeing.

They now work together doing Relationship Counselling and are dedicated to true health and evolution in relationships. They will present from their own experience and also witnessing countless others, the affects on the body and on our natural rhythms of long hours and double shifts, and how the burnout from this can affect our relationships.

Event Date: 
Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Registration Time: 

Please Note: This is a self-catered event. Please bring a notepad and pen as well as a means of hydration. This event is currently not available online or via webcast.

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Enrolments close 1st October 2014