Addressing Cyber-Bullying - A New Way: Re-claiming our Ground

College of Universal Medicine Community Events

Developing strategies and exploring the power we have within ourselves and as a community to both stop abuse and build true relationships 

In our first Community Event we discussed cyber-bullying it's affects, the concerns many have in the community and we drew on each other’s knowledge and experiences to discuss how it is, and the impact it incurs. Whether you have received cyber-bullying or in some way perpetrated it, we are all experts through our collective experiences and all play a part in building a way forward.

Click here for further information on cyber-bullying.

Participant Feedback from the Forum

"This is an issue affecting so many and we need to not turn a blind eye to it” ~ Parent
"There was so much discussion and support from everyone that I can take away and put to use” ~ High School Student
"I came out feeling like I could make a difference” ~ High School Student


The forum worked through three main areas in addressing Cyberbullying: 

    1. Personal: 
Understanding why the abuse occurs
 – Learning to say no – 
How to create a ‘safe space’ with strategies to stay healthy, connected and strong. 

    2. Others: the role of social support and ‘the bystander’. 

    3. Systems: including government, policy and law, and platforms such as Google 

Who attended?

Local Students, Parents, Business and Council representatives and general community members all attended.

Community discussion groups met prior to the forum to bring ideas and presentations on the day. 

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Through connecting with each other, we form a new way of addressing cyber-bullying and the deeper issues within society that it raises.


Event Date: 
Thursday, July 24, 2014
9.30am - 12.00pm

Following on from the Forum a 4 week course called Online and Well is being offered in Term 1 2015 exploring a practical model to respond to cyber-bullying and explore our online health and wellbeing as a community

See the Course Outline